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Day 27 - Your Favorite Place

Wait, do I even have a favorite place?

I used to.

Anyone who's followed my LJ for long enough (and was on my flist during that time) has pretty much seen the rise and fall of my DDR career. The arcade I used to go to was part of a chain known as Las Vegas, and there were at two of them in Geneva that I was aware of: one next to the Lord Nelson Pub on the other side of the lake (the pub being where I spent Friday nights during my junior year of high school), and one right outside the train station. The one by Nelson's was home to one of the expanded cabinets for The Lost World, which is awesome fun after a couple of beers, but the Las Vegas by the station was where the DDR cabinets were shipped.

In the years following, you'd find me there on weekends, playing DDR, Time Crisis II, or SoulCalibur II. The DDR machine was relocated every few months or so, and early on during its peak popularity, it was located right next to the window everyone passed by on their way out of the station (also, there were two of them). Onlookers galore, a built-in audience just waiting to see what you were going to do next. Machines were shifted around, upgraded, but they were always there. I'd play on them in good times, in bad times, and once after an interview, still dressed up. Singles, doubles, two-player, whatever.

We held tournaments there. We had assembled a group, which still has a website but I don't visit it much (mostly I update the Rock Band threads for games coming out).

However, the place is long gone (closed down in '06); a Starbucks currently inhabits its location, but I don't think it opened up until sometime in '07 or so. In order to play a game of DDR, I have to travel forty minutes, either towards Geneva (in a mall just outside of town) or Lausanne (in a video arcade just outside the train station). Any income that was once spent on DDR games have more or less been redirected to Rock Band DLC.

I guess that makes my apartment's living room my current favorite place.

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