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Day 29 - Your Aspirations

This point, I'm feeling too old for magnificent aspirations, and a lot of them are further extensions of basically me wanting to figure out how I'll break out of this shell and keep it together at the same time: one day, it'll happen.

I'd like to think that I've managed to cram a lot of stuff into my life, and that I've enjoyed most all of it. I've never been without friends, without family, without a feeling of being loved. I have a job that pays well enough, friendly co-workers, and while it can range from being extremely dull to far too exciting, it is typically fulfilling enough for me to be content. To be sure, I drive people nuts on a regular basis, and I know I can make more of myself, but in terms of how fulfilled I feel, I think I've got it pretty good.

Maybe one day I'll find a position at a place that actually manages to change lives for the better, and know that I'm helping out society like that in some small way. Not that there's anything wrong with facilitating the management of people's wealth, but if I could somehow influence people for the better, if I could make their daily life a little happier, then maybe I'll be where I want to be. That may be a bit vague for an aspiration, but what the hell.

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