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Last night's "Duets," starring Dianna Agron's eyes and a bunch of twentysomethings pretending to be high school kids, contained a bunch of well-done songs, authentically hilarious Kurt one-liners, and fantastic Brittany moments that actually had dramatic impact. But really, it's all about Dianna Agron's EYES. Like seriously, she had the eyes of ten women. And not in a jar--not accusing. Like, seriously. Sure, the insanely-named-even-for-this-show Chord Overstreet (who for some reason they kept addressing as "Sam") pointed out how lovely they are, but somehow they kept going and going.

On a more serious note, I now fully believe Mike and Tina should attend Asian Couples Therapy (particularly after "Sing!", which was insanely ador(k)able, and support Rachel realizing exactly what kind of uber-harpy she can be, as well as Burt calling Kurt out for his stalkery behavior around Finn and now Chord. Artie is still crazily dorky, but wastes no opportunity when the spotlight is on him. Like I said, Brittany started out MAKING OUT WITH SANTANA being her usual airheadedly hilarious self, and even the final grace note with the nose-meatball thing was both smile- and sigh-inducing. This was a better Brittany episode than the Brittany episode (as a character, not as a singer/dancer).

Also, the song selection was brilliant and wonderfully executed. Rachel/Finn doing Elton/Kiki was great, I've already mentioned "Sing!", Mercedes/Santana's "River Deep, Mountain High" was scenery-chewingly awesome, "Lucky" was full of DIANNA AGRON'S EYES, and the end mash-up was well-done, although I'll always think of Harry Groener dancing in the streets of Chicago (before he became mayor of Sunnydale) whenever I hear "Get Happy."

Best episode of Glee this season, which to be fair isn't saying all that much (its competition was three episodes, of which one is a serious dud and the other two were uneven). I have a feeling the rest of the season won't live up to this, but I'll be happy to be proven wrong.

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