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So as beautiful as Yoko Kanno's "Voices" is, the English version used in the Manga Entertainment dub always bugged me with bad scanning and only vague links to the original lyrics (except for the part in the original that was in English, anyway). I figured I'd try my hand at a version that flowed more naturally and was much closer to the original translation (yes, there are embellishments). This was the only place I thought appropriate for such content, so why not.

No attempt at rhyme scheme or anything, it was difficult enough to get the flow right. Maybe sometime in the future I'll give that a shot. I used this site as my reference.

In my slumber I heard voices call to me
To dream, just a word in the darkness
Deep within, there are shadows in which my heart
Dwells, with this word by its side

As I traveled, I heard voices once again
In wind, one more word floating skyward
Wings unfurled from the arms of the God I saw
And I knew where I must go

An apple of gold, as it hung from the tree
Started counting sorrows
As the burdens evaporated,
Brothers welcomed him on the ground

Destination embedded within my soul
Would I make it there in a lifetime?
I see nothing and yet I saw everything,
Promise and peril in full.

And I read from enchanted word
Drops of moonlight across dark of night and I must
Hope we meet in the promised land someday

We can fly, we have wings
We can touch floating dreams
Call me from so far
Through the wind in the light

As I held you, the last of the voices came
A humming so soft I could feel it
Softly trembling, releasing you from embrace
Finally, my voice says "hello"
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