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Conversation on #animedvd regarding that whole master and slave terminology business.

<IY-Sango> http://www.cnn.com/2003/TECH/ptech/11/26/master.term.reut/index.html <-- wow now this seems to be out of place!
<Danj> is that the thing about LA banning master/slave
<IY-Sango> yeah!
<IY-Sango> I just saw the article. Makes no sense!
<moskun> master and commander
<IY-Sango> yeah! lets just call is Primary/Secondary! Whoever complained taken this too seriously
<DannyCat_vs_RO|again> ...?
<Danj> you can't call it primary adn secondary, those are already used
<ChuTwo> Actually, it sounds about right. I mean, every time my DVD-ROM has problems, it runs around, begging my HD for help, screaming "Lawdy, Lawdy! Massuh, I's got problems!"
<IY-Sango> oh yeah opsp
<Danj> hahaha
<IY-Sango> sorry I thought that was the alternative!
<IY-Sango> Hmm without Mater/Slave. I guess we can use the Scsi ID way. Like ID 0 1 2??
<Danj> yeah
<ChuTwo> Well, if you REALLY want to preserve the relationship using English terminology, how about Primary/Secondary parent/child?
<IY-Sango> well yeah something like that
<ChuTwo> And without bothering with this whole master/slave business.
<Danj> cringe
* Freddo doesn't know if he should take Alvis out of the packaging
<ChuTwo> Or maybe, like mosky suggested, Master/Commander!
<Danj> hahah
<IY-Sango> I was thiknig more like Primary/Primary (as in primary master),
<Danj> that will just confuse people
<moskun> The Far Side/Of the World
<Freddo> oh danj: did you get to watch the gollum clip?
<ChuTwo> That'll--what Danj said.
<Danj> freddo: I got the file but havent had time to watch it yet
<ChuTwo> How about Dom/Sub?
<IY-Sango> Danj, just take the words out of the Englsih language lol
<Danj> chu: lol
<ChuTwo> Or maybe Seme/Uke?
<Freddo> haha
<ChuTwo> "I'm having problems with my Primary Uke drive!"
<Mandoric> ... You know, the logic for renaming it from master/slave is racist
<IY-Sango> lol
<Mandoric> Chu: C|N>K
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<Calculus> ...
<Calculus> Sonny, I have underestimated you.
<ChuTwo> Do I ask?
<Calculus> Ash - from Pokemon - in nothing but an apron. e_e;
<ChuTwo> ...
<ChuTwo> Well, I suppose it's better than Ash - from Evil Dead - in nothing but an apron.
<Calculus> Thanks for that, Chu.
<ChuTwo> Especially if it's a Naked Apron. "Hail to the Queen, baby!"
<Calculus> ...

[long pause]

<ChuTwo> Honey, I broke the chat.


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