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So, uh, hi.

Days at work right now are desktop deployment, which means a lot of small gaps of idle time--enough time to jot down a few things that are on my mind, most notably the death of Guitar Hero, as well as the sale of Harmonix. All of it can be found here for your perusal. Again, I figure most of you don't care much, but just in case you're curious as to what's been up with my hobby of choice, there you have it.

Also, I mainlined all of Community to date a couple of months back, and have been following it steadily since. This past week's episode focused on a character with suicidal thoughts, and without turning it into a Very Special Episode (or even mentioning the word "suicide"), managed to write a fantastic episode that explores the situation in-depth. I'd not heard of Scallywag and Vagabond up to now, but after this essay, I'll probably be checking up on them on a regular basis to add to my critical analysis of pop culture TV.

Still reading everyone's posts! Even commenting on them, occasionally. Life just isn't that exciting, even if it's a bit busy right now.
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  • Oh, Jane Lynch, you are quickly becoming my go-to actress when I need a laugh. How come I never discovered you before Party Down? (The one episode you did for Veronica Mars doesn't count towards that, unfortunately.)
  • I used to not like Jayma Mays' squeaky voice (see: guest spots on Joey, How I Met Your Mother), but after her role as Charlie on Heroes and now Emma here, she is fast becoming My New TV Girlfriend.
  • If they focus exclusively on Finn and Rachael as the lead singers and don't allow the other New Directions members time in the spotlight, I'll be a bit put off. All of them love to sing! All of them should get their chance to shine there, not just in uniform design or instrumentals. This is Glee Club, not School of Rock, and as Rachael says, Glee Club is srsbzns.
  • Did anyone else notice and crack up when Finn mentioned his father died in Iraq "when we were fighting Osama bin Laden the first time," while the camera deliberately focused on a picture of George H.W. Bush? I didn't pick that up until a rewatch, but it won't stop jumping out at me anymore.
  • Use of a-capella of well-known songs (Soul Bossa Nova, Moonlight Sonata, A Fifth of Beethoven [thanks, Wikipedia! I forgot the name of that song]) as BGM: Stylish and presumably budget-slashing! Clever.
  • So the end cover of Don't Stop Believing is incredibly over-produced, ridiculously cheesy, and overall another example of the music industry ruining the SHUT UP IT'S AWESOME THAT'S WHY YOU WATCH IT WITH A FREQUENCY YOU'VE THUS FAR RESERVED FOR THE MR. ROBOTO SEQUENCE IN CHUCK

Glee makes me want to turn in my man card and float away on butterfly hearts and wings. It's got its flaws, but it also shows a ridiculous amount of promise, particularly if it can retain the buzz it got this week (INCREDIBLY SMART MOVE, promoting a musical by pairing it with the Idol finale--a little less so for making us have to wait an entire summer for the show proper, when expectations will be buzzing so hard people will think a swarm of bees is on its way). As of right now, it's a bit of comfort in these dark times when Terminator:TSCC is cancelled and Chuck won't see a new episode for another ten months or so (but at least it WILL see a new episode!).

I admit I'm a sucker for musicals, but this one comes with a pretty wry sense of humor that I love (Rachael's My Two Dads story was cute, see the Finn line mentioned above). This is one show I think I'll love as long as they keep the hits coming. However, I hope they're writing it in expectations of it only lasting two seasons (senior graduation), because I realistically don't see it playing incredibly well beyond that. But as long as it's on the air, I forsee a little happy place that will also keep my Pushing Daisies cuteness quotient in check.

In conclusion: Dooooon't stop!
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So, before I tackle Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles' season (and hopefully not series) finale, I just have to get a couple of stupid jokes out of my system regarding last night's excellent Dollhouse episode. Count me in as happy to have stuck around.

There be <i>Dollhouse</i> spoilers here! )

And <i>Terminator: TSCC</i> spoilers here! )

My jaw, she is on the floor. I sincerely hope this series gets picked up for next year, but if it doesn't, it ends on such a wonderful note.


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