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Day 28 - Something That You Miss

Considering all the things I've reminisced about over the past four weeks or so, I guess it's not surprising that I haven't discussed my dog. We put her to sleep six and a half years ago; we had her for fifteen years before that. I even have it written down here, if you look far back enough (and grace my flist).

We picked her up while we were still living in Louisiana; I have no idea how old she was at the time. We named her after the color of her fur (as officially listed), and accidentally started a trend amongst our friends in New Jersey when we brought her back--afterwards, they ended up buying dogs, and named them after food items that also could be fur colors. (Vague, yet specific! Take that, random identity thieves! ...after I've given away my approximate residences of the past and... uh... well, it's a good thing I haven't disclosed any secret password questions.)

There was no doubt about it from day one: she was Jamie's dog: a small, yappy lapdog of the terrier kin that we had no idea how to deal with.

We didn't know how to treat her at first: most of the time we were in Louisiana, we kept her in the portable kennel, letting her out to eat and do her business. By the time we moved back to New Jersey, that had changed, and we were less loath to set her free (remember, in Louisiana: golf-course backyard). Thus, walks up and down the street, and a significantly longer leash in our backyard. We encouraged her to use our pachysandra patch for her business, and she took to it quickly.

When we first moved to Switzerland, it was like Dog Heaven. While our apartment was smaller, her roaming range suddenly became a lot larger: once she was through with business, she was allowed to roam around town with the rest of us, even to restaurants (they'd set down plates of water for her, and she'd scramble for scraps dropped on the floor).

We always considered her Jamie's dog, because Jamie was the one who connected with her the most. The image of her lying around Jamie's doorway as if she were just waiting for him to come home was one of the more heartbreaking things I can remember, particularly since it continued for long after I took over his bedroom. Still, I have a video of the two of them walking along a rock beach in Italy while I was still living in Ohio, and that's the way I'll always remember the two of them.

In mid-'03, her kidneys started failing on her, and quickly. I actually have entries for both the first signs of the problem, and the day we put her to sleep.

Oh, hey, there's the swelling of emotion I was looking for. Dammit, not at work.

I'd love another dog somewhere down the line; I'm just not quite ready to go there yet. I don't know if I could handle another one of her breed, though, but I'll probably stay in the terrier family and roughly lapdog size.

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